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The Pacific Communities team would like to thank all of our homeowners for giving us the wonderful opportunity to build their dream home. Our homeowners’ satisfaction and trust is us is our motivation to do our very best. We continuously receive positive feedback from our homeowners, and we’re honored that they chose to share their experience with us. Read below to discover why buyers fell in love with their Pacific Communities home.


Being surprised with the Welcome Home sign at the walkthrough was such a good feeling… it was a great gesture.

Dominique L.

Pacific Marigold


Answered every question with sincerity and patience.

Frank C.

Primrose at Pacific Mayfield


I just wanted to take a moment and send you some positive feedback. In today’s world, it seems like all we ever hear is negative.

I stopped by your sales office in Menifee last night and met two of the most amazing sales reps, Mary and Terry. We were so impressed with how friendly, warm and personable they both were. You could just feel the sincerity in the interaction. Terry took the time, even though it was late in the day to show us around.  I just felt someone should know that these two really are doing an amazing job representing your company.  It really made me want to purchase a home from your builder, even if it doesn’t end up being this particular one.  I left with this overwhelming feeling that they cared.

Just wanted to share. Thank you!

Jackie B.

Pacific Galleria


Everyone we work with were very awesome.

Lorenzo Y.

Pacific Magnolia


I appreciated the constant communication from Felix and sherry. I was kept up to date with any set backs or home updates. Everything was smooth and quick. Also , all my questions were always answered. I also appreciated being part of every step of the home building process.

Rebeca A.

Pacific Legacy


The peace of mind knowing that they promise to get me the house that we wanted.

Jesus L.

Pacific Legacy


There are not many words that can describe how beyond grateful we are to have found our home in thePacific Melrose community in Romoland. Not only the home itself but the awesome staff that helped us out. I would give them a million star review but that wouldn’t be enough to describe the great work and team they are. Since the first step we took in the office Tara walked us through every single plan that was available. From the awesome included features the builder offers to the great layouts. Before we even saw the modeled homes we were already in love . The moment we saw model 2 we knew immediately that was exactly what we were looking for.  It was a hot Saturday afternoon but that didn’t stop Tara from taking us out into the community and showing us the homes available. When arriving to lot 19 we were sold.  Through the process Manny was super helpful with tips and guiding us through a first home buyer experience.  The things to expect as well as detailed information when receiving our home. The financial department was amazing to us. Dana from loandepot really made the experience so much easier and not so stressful. She was always available when needed for any questions or concerns we had. When we had our final home orientation it was more than what we expected.  Pacific communities I can say from experience is the best builder in luxury homes at affordable price.  We really couldn’t have done this without the help and guidance of Tara, Dana , and Manny. What an awesome team at Pacific Melrose.

Jose R.

Pacific Melrose


Hello my name is Cecilia and we live in the Primrose community in Menifee. We want to let you know about little Chris he is the right hand side of Travis. Chris is an outstanding employee we had been living in the community for a year now and he always had meet our expectations when it comes to get things fix and back in order. My husband and I felt the need to let you know about him. Great employee you have on him.

Cecilia A.

Primrose at Pacific Mayfield


As soon as I saw my house I felt at home and safe. This was my first home purchase on my own; terrified, would have been an understatement. However, each step of the process seemed to just effortlessly come together, however, I knew because I was working with true professionals, that was the key component in a truly successful, and pleasant home buying experience. Each person I have had contact with have just been fantastic; genuinely caring for me and extremely professional.

Sally G.

Primrose at Pacific Mayfield


After having a bad experience with different realtors, I had started giving up on purchasing a home. Staying local was a great deal for me. I lived my entire life in the downtown Los Angeles area. Trying to purchase a house where I felt safe with plenty of space was hard to find since Los Angeles homes are built with very limited space. I found a realtor who suggested Moreno Valley. At first, I was a bit hesitant since it is more than an hour away from Los Angeles. My realtor suggested an upcoming community named Pacific Willow. We met Terry and he made us feel right at home. Terry was professional and showed us the homes that were available. My family and I fell in love with the houses and the spaces in the front of the house and the back of the houses. I decided to purchase two properties instead of one to share with my family. We are beyond excited and happy to become members of the Pacific Willow community and first time home buyers. Thank you for helping me find my forever homes.

Rosa Rivera

Pacific Willow


My husband and I have been searching for the “right home” and couldn’t find it in any of the senior communities we had looked at. Ron mentioned he had seen signs along the freeway for the “Orchid assisted living community” in Menifee. We happened to be close by at an open house in another senior community and as we made our way home to Temecula, I saw the Orchid signs with one exception – no mention of assisted living. My husband had misread the signs. I immediately made him turn around and go back to Menifee to view the Pacific Communities Orchid models.

The minute we walked into the model office, we were hooked – we loved the Plan 1 layout, the amenities, the construction of the home, the price point, the feel of the neighborhood, the individual homes with the front yards and perfect back yard area for our patio and gardens.

Mary Ellen, Robert, and Felix were so informative and helpful – we have never encountered such an excellence in customer service. They were the true definition of a team, who is never too busy to answer any questions or offer assistance.

Ron and I moved into our new”right home” a few days ago and could not be happier.

Ron and Sandy Hillman

Orchid at Pacific Mayfield


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pacific Communities Builder for our dream home! The introduction to this community came at a pivotal time in our life. As I was planning my retirement, my wife and I were conflicted about a possible move. However, upon touring the Pacific Communities homes and community in Menifee, we quickly made up our minds. We were immediately charmed by the homes and the neighborhood. The floor plans are generous and we fell in love with the quality and finishes. I was personally very impressed with the open concept that allows for an easy flow in all the homes.

In addition, the sales office for PCB is excellent. The office personnel were very patient with us, very knowledgeable, and experienced. They worked closely with us to make our move a reality. The home itself is well built and high quality, with a very simple and smart design that was immediately appealing to us. The quality of the home and the available options allowed us to personalize our home before we moved in. The value and price of the home made the purchase a very sound financial investment and decision. Purchasing this home from PCB was a great choice. I can’t believe I finally have my first new home and was able to retire and enjoy it! Living the Dream!

Daniel and Georgia D’Alessandro

Orchid at Pacific Mayfield


My husband and I moved from Central California to be near our families.  We were not in the market for a 55 plus gated community, but one day when we were in the area looking at homes I saw the Orchid sign and after talking my husband into just looking, we found that we actually really liked the homes, location, and the price values.  After talking with Mary Ellen who we felt comfortable with right away and going over the details of what the community would offer to us and the cost and values of the homes  we decided this was a great place to live.

We are so grateful we made the decision to purchase a home with Orchid.  We just love it here and have met so many wonderful friends and also started a “meet and greet” once a month so the community can get to know one another which has been very successful and a lot of fun!  One of the great parts of our home is when we look out of our kitchen window we can view beautiful Idyllwild as this is where my husband and I were married 27 years ago.  I am also excited to share my sister and her husband have fallen in with Orchid too and will be moving here in May.

Michael and Cathleen Maggard

Orchid at Pacific Mayfield


My family took residence in Moreno Valley (Rancho Belago) 11 years ago, when the market prices of homes were amazing. During a hike on the many trails here we spotted the homes designed by Pacific Communities and realized that this is where we wanted to be. Pacific Communities has designed the most beautiful exterior and interior homes that I have ever encountered in my life. Their homes are extremely spacious, great for entertaining and of course, “Bragging Rights.”

In our community we have the best of both worlds. City views that are breathtaking as well as mountain views with unbelievable sightings of wildlife. Coming from the Los Angeles County area where the homes are small and extremely expensive, Pacific Communities’ homes are a dream come true. I could not wait to have my family see what Pacific Communities has offered to my family. I was so excited to share my blessings with my friends and family. After all, I had all the room in the world to have them all here to celebrate with my spacious kitchen and extra large bonus room.

Buying from Pacific Communities was quite far the best decision I have ever made. Thank you for making our dream come true.

The Thomas Family

Pacific Iris


Owning a beautiful, fortified, and affordable home is the American dream; thanks to Pacific Communities that dream has come true! Our journey with Pacific Willow started initially with an online search for new construction homes within our preferred areas. Right away we were lured in by the pricing, size lots, floor plans, and imaging displayed on the website.

We were about 2 months in on our home quest and knew immediately that we had to check the site out. Promptly we made our first phone call and Debbie the sales agent informed us that but she could give us a walk through at the actual sites. The very next day we met her and when we stepped into the plan 4, though at the very early stages of construction, we fell in love instantaneously and knew right there and then that this home had to be ours, it seemed to have had our names written on it- its floor plan, pricing and location was unbeatable and outstood every other competition in its path. We chose our desired lot and started our relationship with Pacific Communities right away.

Debbie then introduced us to the Deninne Wier; the preferred lender representative from imortgage. Deninne took us through the mandatory qualifications process and in less than a day we were prequalified for the home. Though we had several financing options and lenders at the time, working with Deninne was the easiest, most comfortable, trustworthy, and informative lender who went above and beyond to meet our needs and found the most favorable middle ground for financing our home. Dennine answered every one of our million and sometimes repetitive questions without hesitation to ensure our clear understanding of the process. Not once did we feel like a bother, but rather though she had many other clients, Deninne gave us an experienced that she was not just invested in benefiting the company but she had our interest at heart and our business was of utmost importance.

As the construction process continue, our initial sales agent Debbie introduced us to Terry who took over as our new agent, the transfer was smooth and communication of our requests were well done. Terry then played a great role in suggesting and assisting with getting convenient upgrades within budget. Terry was friendly, very insightful, and never too busy to answer our questions or give us an extra tour , he was on point with meeting our concerns. For example, our desire was to have a sink pre-plumbed in the laundry room. Though the cut-off time had pass, Terry knew how important this was to us and went above and beyond to contact the builder, to get the approval, and to get the job done. He knew exactly what to do to make us comfortable and happy with the investment we were making to buy our new home.

Additionally to the great services rendered by the loan officer and the sales agent, though we have never personally met the builder, from our negotiations and multiple special requests that got approved, often times even giving us additional incentives to meet a middle ground in our negotiations, we felt confident the unseen person was one of character and one who was truly invested in making our experience personal and real.

A few months later our home was complete, escrow was about to be closed and we did the final walk through with the customer service representatives. He was very thorough, diligent, and had a keen eye for any final fixes. Chris the superintendent then worked speedily at any request without hesitation. In fact since we visited the site so many times, we had also developed a relationship with Chris. He was always there, and as the house went through the final stages of construction he welcomed any concerns we had and made attempts to get things to our liking even before the final walk through.

We developed such a relationship with these individuals that even after the purchase of our home, we still visit the office just to say hi to Don and Terry, We still message and see Deninne whom even though escrow has closed still makes the time to answer any concerns and Chris is still around willing to mend simple fixes- we are truly happy and grateful.

Unbelievably, we were first-time home buyers without even a realtor so we knew very little at the start of the process. But these professionals listed above walked us through every step, delivered client-centered professional service and in the end we could not have asked for more. Of course there are few hiccups but most importantly there are measures in place to fix these hiccups and we have seen it put into effect.

Today we are proud homeowners, we are 4 months into our new home and each time we enter our community, pull up on our porch, or step through the doors of our home it takes our breath away. The beauty of this magnificent 4163 sq ft of living space, three car garage, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathroom edifice which includes a media room, den, formal living and dining, kitchen, nook, great room, pantry, washroom and seated on 9500 sq ft of land is an unbelievable masterpiece- built from a mastermind of class- open space with a modern edge architecture that is just astonishing. As a young couple we know our older selves will thank us later for the great investment we have made. Indeed home is where the heart is and our heart is at home at Pacific Willow.

Thank you Pacific Communities for making our dream come true. We are proud and happy homeowners.

Nathan and Chenique Lewis

Pacific Willow


“WELCOME HOME” – A huge banner stretched from the porch support to the tiny sapling tree!  We were finally going to move into our new house!  We had watched it take shape from the time it was just a frame on a concrete foundation. The paperwork, qualifying, buying plus selecting our flooring and other beautiful finishes had all been so effortless. Everything just fell so smoothly into place.

The sales office folks became good friends. The construction people from the supervisor to the carpenters recognized us and enjoyed showing us the progress each time we visited.  They seemed as delighted to be building it as we were to watch it being so professionally built. The suppliers were almost as delighted with our selections as we were. We met other buyers in the neighborhood and are looking forward to long friendships with them. By the time we were ready to move in, the house, the neighborhood and all the Pacific Communities Builder personnel were OURS.

Pacific Communities’ Customer Service has kept us very happy with our home, making sure we’re satisfied with the quality. We’re watching eagerly as more houses are built and new neighbors arrive. Now that we’ve lived here a while, we, and our friends and family, all love everything about our home and neighborhood. We now greet our visitors with, “WELCOME HOME”!

Dave and Marilyn Brown

Orchid at Pacific Mayfield


We chose Pacific Communities because Gigi and I were looking for a new home opportunity that offered good price and great value. We knew we wanted to live in a nice area where we could build a foundation and grow our family. This new home and neighborhood has been a tremendous blessing to our family. Due to the exceptional value of our home, we found our reason to stay in California, as Nevada was our second choice.

The Pacific Communities team was wonderful, from customer service to sales. The superintendent, subs, and sales were welcoming and put us at ease. We feel that the best days are ahead for us here at this community and are reminded when we wake up to see the mountains each morning.

The Cortez Family

Cottonwood at Pacific Mayfield


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