Dave and Marilyn Brown

“WELCOME HOME” – A huge banner stretched from the porch support to the tiny sapling tree!  We were finally going to move into our new house!  We had watched it take shape from the time it was just a frame on a concrete foundation. The paperwork, qualifying, buying plus selecting our flooring and other beautiful finishes had all been so effortless. Everything just fell so smoothly into place.

The sales office folks became good friends. The construction people from the supervisor to the carpenters recognized us and enjoyed showing us the progress each time we visited.  They seemed as delighted to be building it as we were to watch it being so professionally built. The suppliers were almost as delighted with our selections as we were. We met other buyers in the neighborhood and are looking forward to long friendships with them. By the time we were ready to move in, the house, the neighborhood and all the Pacific Communities Builder personnel were OURS.

Pacific Communities’ Customer Service has kept us very happy with our home, making sure we’re satisfied with the quality. We’re watching eagerly as more houses are built and new neighbors arrive. Now that we’ve lived here a while, we, and our friends and family, all love everything about our home and neighborhood. We now greet our visitors with, “WELCOME HOME”!