The Thomas Family

My family took residence in Moreno Valley (Rancho Belago) 11 years ago, when the market prices of homes were amazing. During a hike on the many trails here we spotted the homes designed by Pacific Communities and realized that this is where we wanted to be. Pacific Communities has designed the most beautiful exterior and interior homes that I have ever encountered in my life. Their homes are extremely spacious, great for entertaining and of course, “Bragging Rights.”

In our community we have the best of both worlds. City views that are breathtaking as well as mountain views with unbelievable sightings of wildlife. Coming from the Los Angeles County area where the homes are small and extremely expensive, Pacific Communities’ homes are a dream come true. I could not wait to have my family see what Pacific Communities has offered to my family. I was so excited to share my blessings with my friends and family. After all, I had all the room in the world to have them all here to celebrate with my spacious kitchen and extra large bonus room.

Buying from Pacific Communities was quite far the best decision I have ever made. Thank you for making our dream come true.